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Here are details of our specialized Offerings / Certificate Courses;


Text / Call: 647-244-1967

Corporate Training-Certificate Courses

  • We can train corporate drivers concerning their specialized diving requirements.

  • Please get in touch through above mention email for your specific needs to get our specially designed proposal

  • This can happen on our premises or your facility

Defensive Driving-Certificate Courses

  • Defensive driving is part of our curriculum for all basic driving education courses online as well as classroom courses.

  • We can provide specialised In Class & In Car certificate courses for defensive driving in order to improve your driving skills.


  • Winter in our environment brings in many challenges. 

  • We cover winter driving in our basic drivers education courses.

  • We provide seminars, workshops and special classes for interest groups on winter driving.

  • Before onset of winters in September / October, such seminars are scheduled which may be free for parents of our registered students.

Drunk Driving- Demerit points Certification

  • Need assistance to get drunk driving driving issues through specialised courses.

  • Have demerit points and need certification courses which can help.

  • Please get in touch

  • Seniors needing help to refresh their driving skills please get in touch with detail through email or fill the form below.

  • Parents of our registered students may be eligible to attend our most workshops & seminars free

Thanks! Message sent.

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